Training Program

Our Training Model

(3 weeks online training)

The IHN Learning Institute consists of a three week online training program, available for scholars of global health. The Institute will teach them to approach diseases from different perspectives and help develop a holistic interdisciplinary framework to disease, which IHN believes will spur innovation in disease control and prevention. Students will go through a training program consisting of online modules and webcasts with leading global health professionals. The training program consists of the following modules:

Module 1) Introduction to {Specific Disease} in the Global Context
Module 2) Policy and Advocacy
Module 3) Community Development & Social Entrepreneurship                                                                                                                                         Module 4) Operational Research (i.e. Evidence-Based Social Interventions)
Module 5) Clinical Care/Research
Module 6) Laboratory Research

Assessment of the material learned will be based upon weekly reflection essays, each asking the students to describe and reflect upon the material that they have learned.