Founded in December 2011, Interdisciplinary Health Network (IHN) has a mission to encourage the holistic thinking of disease, to spur innovation in the realm of global health, and to inspire collective collaboration among partners from different academic disciplines. The concept and training program was conceived by Ye jin Kang, an aspiring physician policymaker, who had studied TB with a holistic approach and found this to be an excellent way to understand disease. Ye jin also taught a course on tuberculosis through Rice University’s student-taught course program run by the Dean’s Office. With the support of four other medical school students, comprising the founding team, she launched the organization. The four members are Ynhi Thai, Lucy Zhu, Peter Kamel, and Felix Chang.

Our team consists of medical school students, who collectively encompass a broad breadth of knowledge: policy, medical anthropology, ecology, biochemistry, engineering, computer science, and management studies. We are committed to developing the best pre-internship training experience possible to better prepare the future generation of global health leaders to fight disease.